Welcome to First Christian Church!

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If you have been searching for a place that is welcoming, respectful and safe – you will find it here.

Worship Services: Sundays @  9:30am.

First Christian Church maintains its roots in the historic church with a creative flair About us

We celebrate Holy Communion each Sunday and welcome all believers in Jesus Christ to the Table.   Here you can expect worship that is deeply rooted in scripture and diverse in both music and liturgy.   Gatherings and Bible Study 

 Christian Education [Sunday school] : Sundays @ 8:30 am

FCC  is a “learning church,” placing the patient and prayerful study of Holy Scripture at the very center of our life together. We host two adult Bible Study classes and we partner with our neighbors at Auburn Baptist for Sunday morning children’s classes. To learn more, please go to the  Gatherings and Bible Study  tab.

Baptism and Membership: 

I was Baptized in another church: Not to worry. If you think God is calling you to join our church, we will not ask you to be re-baptized because we affirm and welcome the baptism of all Christian traditions and methods.

  1. We will: ask you to meet with Pastor before joining so that we can get to know you and your spiritual walk before asking you to re-affirm your confession of faith in worship.
  2. We will also: ask you to join Pastor in a time of preparation for membership where you will learn the basic beliefs and traditions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

I have never been Baptized:  Praise God! The Holy Spirit is calling you now and we are overjoyed to help you begin your walk with Christ!

  1. First:  you will be asked to meet with Pastor to begin planning your preparations for baptism. Your walk is unique, so we will work with you to introduce you to Christ, the Word, and the Church in ways that will help you prepare for that day when you accept Christ and enter the waters of baptism.
  2. When you are ready: you will be asked to make your confession of faith in Jesus Christ [see our “identity and beliefs” tab] in worship. After this, we will baptize you by “full immersion” in the name of the Holy Trinity, on a date to be determined between you and Pastor.   Please contact us for more information!