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June 6th, 2021

There is a great deal of disagreement in the world today, a great deal of hostility and animosity.   Christians need to avoid such squabbling – the type of which that leads to folly; but, we also need the voice of Christ to be heard through us.  We need to be in the arguments, but we need to argue like Christians.   So, today’s sermon is about just what it says.  It is about how to argue like a Christian.

May 30th, 2021

It is about seeking to understand rather than to be understood, about hearing what we are being told, seeing what we are being shown and knowing we are loved.

May 23rd, 2021

I’m not over 50 (May 23rd, 2021)
It is not about about age its about Pentecost (50 days) I am not over Pentecost, it makes an impact. It is new life for God’s People.

May 16th, 2021

t is about the longing of Jesus’ heart for his own, it is about unity and mission, about love and joy.  May we all be blessed in his prayer.